Utflukter på Zanzibar

Utflukter på Zanzibar arrangeres av vår samarbeidspartner på Zanzibar, Exotic Tours. Kontakt informasjon til Exotic Tours vil dere på ved ankomsten til Zanzibar. Exotic Tours henter på flyplassen ved ankomst og holder kontakten med våre gjester i løpet av oppholdet. Utflukter kan bestille hos Exotic Tours når du er på Zanzibar. Alle turene starter fra ditt hotell med transport tilbake til hotellet etter endt utflukt. Mange av utfluktene kan med fordel kombineres på en og samme dag.

Prisen for utfluktene kan variere med antall personer i reisefølget og med lengden på transport fra/tilbake til ditt hotell. Dersom du ønsker å forhåndsbestille, kan du kontakte oss for reservasjon/pristilbud, og betale på Zanzibar


Stone Town guided tour – half day – lunch, or sunset dinner
It is a wonderful introduction of Zanzibar that gives you the feeling of the rich cultural heritage. One gets a comprehensive view, history and walk of the Stone Town. Magnificent architecture, narrow alleys, sand and stone ancient built houses where some of them are over 200 Years old that have Arab/Indian carved wooden doors. We begin this tour at the main City market which was opened in 1904, where tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and fresh fish from the island are sold. Our next stop will be at the Anglican Church of Christ built by Bishop Steers in 1873 on the site where slaves were being auctioned. Lunch or dinner in magical Stone Town is possible. Exotic Tour can advice for nice restaurants where you can dine and watch the sunset over Zanzibar. Please dress conservatively when walking through Stone Town, women should cover their shoulders and wear long skirts or trousers. • Comfortable closed walking or hiking shoes and pants.


Spice tour - half day
Its primary objective is to give you a complete picture as to why this beautiful island is known as "The Spice Island" Our tour starts with a drive through a profusion of greenery in the countryside seeing, smelling and tasting a variety of spices and mouth-watering tropical seasonal fruits such as jack fruit, pineapple, banana, green coconut juice, dourian, love apple, litche, soursop etc. Spices such as cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, vanilla, and nutmeg - are as exotic as the flavour....etc. A full tour involves much more than spices, and you will also have a chance to see the iodine plant, heena bush, ylang-ylang, the lipstick tree, cocoa, and coffee trees. This is guaranteed to waken your senses, we visit spice plantations where you will have the opportunity to pick, smell & savour fruits & spices that you have probably never seen on the supermarket shelf. Advisable • Walking shoes. Please dress conservatively. • Closed walking or hiking shoes


The Luxury Spice Tour – full day/half day
Tour starts from your hotel and ends at your Hotel. You will be taken to the West Coast of Zanzibar at Kitundu Village, whereby a guided luxury Spice Tour will be conducted, followed by cooking Lesson to experience the traditional ways/methods of cooking local dished and have the chance to taste them. You will be picked up from your hotel to Darajani market for Shopping Board Dala Dala to the Village – just experience the local means of transport being used since long time back Board Dala Dala again after the Spice Tour & cooking Lesson back to Darajani (meeting point) and transferred back to your respective hotels.

Other activities included: Weaving (local mat), Curving, Plaiting, drawing and painting (handcraft) Henna Tattooing and other related activities. This Spice Farm has different kinds of spice plantations both common and the rarely found ones.

Commonly found: Cardamon, Cinnamon Vanilla, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, Turmeric and Lemon Grass. Rarely Found: Star Fruit, Cocoa, Mangosteen, Bread fruit tree, Durian, Curry Tree, Tamarind, Tangerine, and Wild Coffee etc.
NOTE: Full day includes Cooking lessons & Lunch and Half day with Local Lunch or without. Advisable • Walking shoes. Please dress conservatively. • Closed walking or hiking shoes


Prison Island – half day
A relaxing day in the channel of the Indian Ocean is achieved when you visit the small Isle off the western coast of Zanzibar.
This half day guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. A 30minute-boat ride (motorised) will take you to this exclusive island. The Island was formerly owned by an Arab and was privately used as a place of detention for recalcitrant slaves. In later stages, General Mathews bought it and the gaol, which still stands, was built in 1893, as a central prison for Zanzibar, hence the name “PRISON ISLAND”. It was however, never utilised as such. Whilst on island, you will be able to see the GIANT TORTOISE and have a delightful swim or snorkel. Return to your hotel, Departure 10:00 to 13:00 and/or 16:00 to 19:00. Advisable • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral. • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables. • Sunscreen and Hat.


Safari Blue Adventure + BBQ LUNCH – full day
The Tour begins after breakfast when you are picked up from your hotel and transferred in minivans to the fishing village of Fumba. Here you will be given a life jacket demonstration followed by a briefing on the day’s excursion. You will then board the dhows. You will then go on to one of the selected snorkeling locations. Here you will snorkel while accompanied by a snorkeling guide to show you points of interest and to assist the beginners. Snorkel equipment will be provided. You will then move on to another island or sandbank for lunch. Lunch is traditional Zanzibar meal and typically includes a selection of BBQ fish, rice, lentils and fish curry. Chilled fresh fruit juice, mineral water and bottled soft drinks are available throughout the day. You will spend the remainder of the afternoon, relaxing, swimming or snorkelling. Return to Fumba by sail, if winds permit; setting off around 16h00 in your minivans and transferred back to your hotel. Advisable • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral. • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables. • Sunscreen and Hat.


Nakupenda – Prison Island and Sand Bank – full day
We ensure you a relaxing daily Island excursion. Leaving from Forodhani Garden for Prison Island, locally known as Changuu Island. We visit the old slave prison ruins and the Aldabra’s giant tortoise, once property of the Sultan Said Majid. After this first stage, we will setting off again with our traditional dhow to Pange Island (Sandbank). On the way we serve breakfast with ginger spiced tea and juices, home made bread and tropical fruit. It gives you time to relax on the beach, get a nice tan and enjoy the wonderful clear blue water of Indian Ocean. On sandbank we will offer you various tropical fruits, Swahili buffet lunch, Italian cheese, Seafood & crustaceans BBQ. Soft drinks and white wine. Departure 9:00 to 16:00. Advisable • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral. • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables. • Sunscreen and Hat.


Jozani Forest – half day
Duration: half day Includes: transportation, entrance fees in the Forest, guide The Jozani Forest Reserve is the last sanctuary in the world for the rare red colobus monkey, which is endemic to Zanzibar. The 484-acre reserve, which is the largest area of mature forest left on Zanzibar, is located in the central south region of Zanzibar island. The forest is also home to Syke's monkeys, bush pigs and nocturnal Zanzibar leopards. A series of nature trails lead through various different types of habitat, which feature over 40 species of birds including the African pygmy kingfisher, little greenbul, dark-backed weaver and the Fischer's turaco. Your tour will be led by a well-trained guide who can offer information on the other inhabitants of the forest, which include; the red-bellied coast squirrel, the endangered Aders' duiker, the Zanzibar suni, the black-and-white rufous elephant shrew and the tree hyraxes. The forest also offers a board walk, which leads through the mangrove forests at its southern end, which is an excellent place to spot the rare mangrove kingfisher.


Spices + slaves caves – full day
You leave after breakfast and head towards north of Zanzibar for a day of adventure, thrills and excitement.
Spices: At Kizimbani, you visit the Spice Farms. You proceed further north to Mangapwani to uncover the history of the Slave Caves, Mangapwani Slave Caves: Built around 1880 from the cave and connected to the seaside, the area is surrounded by indigenous trees such as breadfruit, Rambo tans and scenty shrubs. It was an important transit point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the time of the abolishment of slave trade in 1873. In 1880 to 1905, the chamber was being used as a place of concealment of the human cargo pending their disposal. Lunch can be taken at Serena Mangapwani: Direct payment. The area is good for bathing and relaxation. Return to your hotel


Slave Routes of Zanzibar – half day
This excursion begins at the Dhow Harbour in Malindi, where slave ships brought their human cargo from Bagamoyo to Zanzibar and on to the world beyond, then heading to the house of Tippu Tip, the notorious Arab slave trader. The tour continues at the Anglican Church, built by missionary Edward Steere on the old slave market, site of human misery for hundreds of years. From here, you’ll be driven to Mbweni, past the missionary graves to visit Mbweni Ruins, formerly a school for freed slave girls, before heading to Livingstone House and onto Mangapwani Beach. At Mangapwani, you can walk through the caves, which stored hundreds of slaves, kept waiting for the monsoons and the arrival of the dhows to be exiled away from home. At the end of this excursion, you’ll have time to reflect, relax on the golden sands of the beach and enjoy a buffet lunch at Mangapwani Restaurant, which is operated at Zanzibar Serena Inn. Direct payment. Advisable • Comfortable walking shoes • Sunscreen, Sunglasses & hat


Dolphins & Jozani Forest – full day
The full day guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. You leave after breakfast and drive to southeast coast to Kizimkazi Village. Visit some historical and heritage sites like The Old Mosque and Graves of Sherifs (Religious Spiritual Imams). Board your motorized boat and find the playful Dolphins out in the open waters. You will be able to swim with the dolphins as long as they stay close to the boat, but is unlikely to be able to touch them, as they are of course wild animals. Return to the shore and have lunch at the village Restaurant. Direct Payment After lunch return and drive to the home of “Red Colobus” Monkeys at Jozani Forest. The forest has now been declared a reserve and holds the rare and Red Colobus Monkeys not to be seen anywhere else in the world. You can walk through the nature trail of this wonderful forest, which is a habitat of many other wild species of animals and birds. Continue to the Mangrove Forest and discover how the locals try to keep the environment clean and habitable. Return to your hotel. Advisable • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral. • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables. • Sunscreen and Hat.

Ta hensyn til livet i havet: Dolphins are wild and their whereabouts cannot be predicted, it is they who choose to interact with people, not the other way around. Shouting and waving your arms around will not encourage dolphins to approach your boat. Be satisfied with simply seeing the dolphins; don't force the boat operator to chase the dolphins, cross their path or get too close, especially when they are resting. If you decide to get in the water with the dolphins, do so quietly and calmly and avoid splashing. We give you 75 % to see dolphins; swimming with them is a rare and precious occurrence.


We are very excited about our new addition to the Safari Blue luxury portfolio. We now have the use of 2 luxury catamarans with 3 ensuite cabins, large dining areas inside and outside, loads of deck space and a huge trampoline at the front. The catamarans are crewed by a highly qualified skipper and his mate as well as Safari Blue staff in charge of guest experience. The beauty of the catamaran is its smooth sailing, low draft and on-board catering facilities which means we can cruise around and explore parts of Menai Bay not reachable by dhow. The options for more a private and personalised cruising experience are endless. The catamaran has a Stand-up Paddle board, snorkelling kit and fishing gear. There is even a fresh water shower and of course great food and drinks from a wellstocked bar!


KIJIJI – (village) – (Bush Tour) – Swahili Culture – (Full Day with Lunch) OR (Half Day without Lunch)
The full day guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. You leave after breakfast and head towards west of Zanzibar to FUONI Village. The elders of the village will welcome you to have a true Arabic coffee served from the original brass coffeepot. Here you will be able to capitalize on the village life while walking through the local homes and farms. The local inhabitants are always busy carrying on with their daily activities like; grinding millets with mortar pestles; thatching coconut palms; preparation of bread for evening meal – (guests are welcome to taste). - You see locals climbing Coconut Palm Trees – (guests may try it out); – coconut products – madafu milk; baskets; rope; poles; coconut palm caps. Further afield cassava plantations and bananas with their various products can be seen and tasted – cassava chips; grilled cassava; ripe banana with coconut, grilled banana; spices; weaving of baskets, floor mats, brooms, food covers etc. A visit to Koranic school is part of this tour, where boys and girls are taught in separate areas. You proceed to the last stop to be welcomed by drumbeats where guests are requested to participate in the local dances. Refreshments and local cuisine will be served under a Mango tree. Return to your hotel late in the afternoon. Advisable • Comfortable walking shoes. • Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hat.


Nakupenda Sunset Cruise: - 15:00hrs – 19:00hrs: (3hrs Cruise)
This cruise will excite you as you'll get a good glimpse of wonderful scenes of the Indian Ocean, along the Stone Town shoreline. We will make your evening memorable, soothing you with light sea breeze while our good staff will spoil you with varieties of aperitifs; experienced Swahili singers will entertain you with their traditional live music. Sparkling wine, cold local beer, fresh juices and cocktails will be served, to cheer your delicate palate you'll enjoy a tasting of Italian cheese with homemade jam, prawns, fried calamari, crispy cassava and other delicacies of Swahili cuisine. 5.00 pm to sunset Advisable • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral. • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables. • Sunscreen and Hat.


Zanzibar quad adventure - (Kiwengwa) – half day
Farm village, visit inside a mud house, spice trees, palm groves, banana plantations, rice fields, play and sing with children and spending time with families, the guides will explain the culture and tradition of this unique Africa, we drive across the fishing villages, will see the typical coral houses, excellent tasting tropical fruit and a great Italian focaccia, take pictures of the beautiful beach and green nature part of the island of Zanzibar. The fantastic memories! Tour departing in the morning at 9 AM or the afternoon at 2 PM Guests will self-drive their quad bike for 4 hours, this off road adventure through some remote African villages, farm land, plantations, viewing Baobabs and spice trees, across the fisherman’s village and as a last stop the Waikiki Resort, where refreshment and cocktails are available in front of the most beautiful sandbanks of Zanzibar island. Advisable • Dress Short & T-shirt • Walking shoes or hiking shoes • Sunscreen.


Snorkeling (Mnemba Atoll) – Full day
Mnemba Atoll is the most famous marine conservation area in Zanzibar, it consists of seven by four kilometers of shallow but rich coral reef, and it’s a popular scuba diving site with a wide variety of Corals and associated species, as soon as occasional sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins. Depending on the weather conditions the speed boat leaves from Kiwengwa or Matemwe beach and takes you to a two amazing snorkeling sites, you do not actually need to dive to see all these underwater wonders, all you need a pair of fins, diving mask and snorkel. Advisable • Swimwear & towel. • Water resistant bag for Cameras & other valuables. • Sunscreen.


Diving in Zanzibar – Full day
Zanzibar is a great place for diving aficionados and those wishing to start their underwater adventure. The coral reefs of the warm coastal waters are a fabulously colorful world of tropical fauna and flora. Divers will encounter shoals of fish, colorful snails, turtles and beautiful corals. Just begin scuba diving or an experienced diver already? It doesn’t matter! At the Cool Divers Diving Center we offer a wide range of courses you can follow. Earn your first Scuba Diver certificate or follow a PADI specialty course, make it your holiday worth it! Those who would like to start their adventure with diving can do it simply in a pool - we offer an intro that includes theory and a pool session covering the basic scuba diving skills. Even 8 years old kids can try it! Advisable • Swimwear & towel. • Water resistant bag for Cameras & other valuables. • Sunscreen.


The Rock Restaurant – dinner.
Located on the south-east side of the island. A world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar, and Italian love. The south-east coastline of Zanzibar is recognized as amongst the most beautiful in all the world. It takes just one look to understand that no pencil nor brush could draw such beauty – only Mother Nature could reach such heights and present one of the world’s most unique and beautiful locations for a restaurant. A cosmopolitan, international menu. Caters for all tastes including vegetarian. Feature several local seafood specialties. Exotic Tours will make the booking for your preferred sitting and organize the transport both ways. (Please note: due to its limited size and popularity, they are not able to take reservations for drinks only.)


Kiting på Zanzibar
Kiting er en populær aktivitet på Zanzibar og de beste forholdene finner du på sørkysten i området rundt Paje i perioden fra juni til mars. Der finnes også en rekke steder langs stranden som tilbyr kite-kurs. Dersom du ønsker å lære å kite, eller er en erfaren kiter og dette skal være en viktig del av reisen bør du bo i eller nær landsbyen Paje. Dersom du trenger transport til Paje, kan dette arrangeres av resepsjonen på ditt hotell eller gjennom Exotic Tours. Vær oppmerksom på at det i så fall vil være lite gunstig å bo nordover på øya, pga lange transport-avstander til Paje.